Häufig gestellte Fragen:

  • Was passiert, wenn sich ein iNMOspector-Bericht als fehlerhaft herausstellt?
    Bei Problemen, die nicht in einem entsprechenden Objektbericht aufgeführt sind, greit die Zertifizierung unseres Gutachtens duch einen offiziellen, versicherten Architekten. Ein beglaubigter Bericht gibt Ihnen eine rechtliche und offizielle Möglichkeit, mögliche Schäden geltend zu machen. Diese Versicherung ist gut für Käufer und Verkäufer!


  • What do I do if a seller does not permit an iNMOspector to inspect a proerty I am interested in?
    • A property owner has no legal obligation to let inspect his or her property. However, it could be an interesting signal that the owner has something to hide. It may be better to simply look for a different object.
  • Does also provide inspections in English and German language?
    • Yes. We provide translations of our inspections for our international clients, so you always know what you are buying into.
    • The legal basis and last reference for possible future claims or court cases is, however, the spanish original version of the reports as we are dealing with Spanish law in Spain.
  • Who is
    • is an initiative of Markus Hoffmann. You can find more information about me here.
    • Our inspectors are part of a network lead by Tudó & Galán Arquitectura.
  • What is
    • is an independent platform establishing the contact between buyer and sellers of real estate and approved, professional inspection technicians throughout Spain. provides trustworthy and standardized reports, which are easy and fast to understand and make it easy to compare various properties. Our objective is to provide security and safety for real estate transactions.
  • ¿When and how do I pay for the inspection service?
    • The services are paid in full or 25% of the total upon solicitation of the service via bank transfer, paypal or credit card. safeguards the payment until the inspection has been performed satisfactorily. At this moment, will forward the payment to the inspector.
  • Don´t ITE´s (Inspección Tecnica de Edificaciones o Inspección Técnica de Edificios) make obsolete?
    • The ITE‘s check a building´s structural and constructive stability, the fassades´and roofing´s impermeability and the general funcionality of plumping, waste water and electricity installations. These inspections are mandatory in diferent intervals depending on the district mainly for buildings older than 40 years. The qualification is either favourable or unfavourable.
    • shows the actual and current state of a property no matter what its age, analyzing and evaluating in detail al the elements that make up the building  over a minimum of 8 chapters.
  • What happens if inspects my property and later on I want to update the inspection.isa mi inmueble y quiero realizar una nueva inspección más adelante? Can the inspection be renewed?
    • If we have inspected your property and you would like to update the reports, we can do so at 25% of the original cost withing 24 months following the initial inspection. This way you always have a current validadtion.
  • How much does the inspection cost?
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