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Prices from €850 – €5000+/m2

February 21, 2022

Real Estate Prices in Spain – as in any country – range immensely from €850 to more than €5000 per square meter (in respective capitals of the autonomous regions).

While the most expensive are homes in Barcelona, Madrid and San Sebastián, there are some sweet spots for those who are ready to go off the beaten path! And in many cases you do not have to go so far out of your way if Andalusia, sun and beaches are your destination: Half of the least expensive locations are in Andalusia!

However, especially in these areas, check well what you are buying – or let us do it for you!

Here is the list published by idealista:
(Neighborhood/ City/ price of square meter of used home)

El Carmen – Cardeñas, Huelva – 566 euros/m2
La Chanca – Pescadería, Almería – 620 euros/m2
Virgen del Remedio-Juan XXIII, Alicante – 677 euros/m2
Torreblanca, Sevilla – 702 euros/m2
Esperanza – Quemadero, Almería – 736 euros/m2
Magraners, Lleida – 776 euros/m2
La Orden, Huelva – 779 euros/m2
Ctra. Circunvalación – La Magdalena, Jaén – 798 euros/m2
Santa María-Pio XI, Ciudad Real – 801 euros/m2
San Antonio, Ávila – 803 euros/m2
Río Tinto-Aldea Moret, Cáceres – 806 euros/m2
San Lázaro, Zamora – 807 euros/m2
Polig.Cartuja – Barriada la Paz, Granada – 816 euros/m2
Las Colonias, Huelva – 831 euros/m2
Sur, Ávila – 832 euros/m2
Perpetuo Socorro, Huesca – 833 euros/m2

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