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You probably have a picture of your dream home in your head.
Behind that image is a lot of information, both conscious and unconscious, that is very important in order to make an informed and intelligent decision about the home you buy. Of course, a home is an important investment, both financially and for the future of your life.

We hope that the following 10 questions will help you define what you are really looking for.
It will also provide us, as your property shopper, with valuable information about the home we are looking for you to buy. Thank you so much!

At iNMOspector we are proud to announce our very first integral real estate project: iNMObetanzos.

Our main objective is to provide ideal homes in the historic centre of Betanzos. We have more than 100 properties for sale, in order to make your purchase calm and secure, and have a plenty variety of houses and terrains to choose.

We take care of the search, restoration and paper work.


Natalia Gurchenkova


Iñaki Unsain

We help you find the home of your dreams. With more than 15 years of experience advising homebuyers in Barcelona, ​​we help you save time and money and buy with total security, since we search the entire market, negotiate the best price and review all the important aspects of the home.
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Mª Pilar Domingo Marco

Are you looking for a flat in Barcelona and you are having an ordeal? Can’t find the time to visit them? Do you see a price disparity that you just don’t understand? Do you know all the taxes you have to pay and the documentation you need? Do you know if the chosen estate “hides” any problem that they haven’t explained to you? The apartment is a mess and you don’t quite see what works can be done ?

If you want to buy a flat, or you have already found the one you like, but you lack the confidence to finish making the decision, I will accompany you and advise you so that you can make the best decision!!

If you have any questions, contact me without any commitment and I’ll explain how I can help you.

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Ayuta Zinovyeva

Years ago I moved to Barcelona, ​​the city that I chose among many visited. I have experienced in my own skin everything that awaits any foreigner who comes to Spain to stay. I am an expert in the Barcelona residential market, I find the ideal property for each client and I get it for the best price. But my special talent is knowing how to understand what you need even if you yourself are still not clear.

Languages: Spanish, English, Russian
My favorite assignments:
– your first apartment
– the best investment for the Golden Visa
– central housing with Barcelona spirit
– house with garden for the whole family
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Betanzos / A Coruña

Patricia Teijeiro Barge

After several years working in the real estate sector in Galicia, we have been able to verify that the purchase and sale of a home is focused on favoring the seller of the property, since he is the real estate client.
For us, the client is you, we work for you, the BUYER, our goal is to look after your interests and find the home of your dreams based on your desires and needs.
We listen to you, you tell us what you want, how and where you want it, whether you need schools nearby, or if you are looking for an isolated home or an apartment on the beach.

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Jon Goirigolzarri Palacín


Emilio García Golsmith


Natalia Rodríguez

Tired of looking for a home or making visits without finding what you are looking for?
Do you live far from Galicia and want to buy a home
Don’t worry! I am here to make the purchase of your home an easy and safe path. I am looking for housing in 100% of the real estate offer and I carry out technical, legal and urban validation so that you can buy with confidence.
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Agnes Csmos

As a real estate buyer’s agent based in the Madrid area, my services include, but are not limited to: market research; search for on and off-market properties, selection and filtering; assistance in finding the best mortgage options; legal and fiscal support; due diligence on the property; technical report by an architect; notarial arbitration.
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Madrid / La Sierra

Jhonny & Xiomara


Sofía Villacis

Currently working at Property Buyers in charge of International Clientele. As your personal agent, my main job is to accompany you through the entire purchasing process. I will help and represent YOU in every real estate transaction, with the goal of saving YOU time, money and hassle.
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Mijas / Málaga

Monica Stefanescu

Sevilla & Cádiz

Jaime Rodríguez Reyes

We accompany you throughout the process of searching for and buying real estate properties, representing the purchasing party and looking out for their interests.
We manage all kinds of real estate investments in Sevilla and Cádiz, being two leading provinces in this regard due to their demand for housing and their great tourist attraction.
Our success is based on providing security and profitability in our clients’ operations, relying on our technical and legal departments to know that we are buying a good property and avoid surprises.
We are delighted to hear your project and make it a reality.
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Spain & South America

Property Buyers

At SOMRIE, we accompany our clients, both companies and individuals, in the purchase of any real estate asset; always searching, negotiating and closing the best option for the client.
We advise technically and commercially throughout the purchase process, and in the post-sale processing that any real estate transaction requires: investment, expansion, housing, business space, etc.
We are not a real estate agency so we do not have any products in our portfolio; we search for our client through all available channels, accessing 100% of the market offer.
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