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February 18, 2023

The first I bought in Spain was full of magic and dreams – dreams fortunately strong enough to survive the huge setback when we noticed termites in the entire structure.

Despite prepared advice, this 3 mm detail made us tear down the complete interior and rebuild everything.

I noticed there are various common pitfalls of home-buying and that real estate agents are not necessarily good advisors. But most pitfalls are quite easily avoidable, if you know where to look and how to judge.

I have bought various other properties since. And it’s not about finding the perfect house. It’s about knowing what you are buying – technically, legally, and financially. iNMOspector is my answer to avoiding expensive, time-consuming and nerve-wrecking mistakes for home-buyers.

I am here to assist you all the way from search to renovation, so you can focus on your life and your dreams.

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