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Reports pay for themselves

December 14, 2021

The great majority of our reports actually don´t cost anything.
Our reports save money.


  1. We found only minor defects in a flat, which the client bought thereafter. But not before negotiating the defects we had found! Needless to say, that the cost of fixing even small problems outweighed the cost of the report.
  2. In a legal report, we noticed that a otherwise well-priced house had no guaranteed, public access. While that´s something that can be – and should – negotiated seperately, paying for the last meters of basic infrastructure does come in costly: road, electricity, water and telecommunications are all not necessarily paid for by the city!
  3. An interesting vacation home seemed idyllic and ready to move in. And it was/ is. But the top floor turned out to be formally illegal and not legalizable in the way it was built. The buyer had to chose between living with a partly illegal home or make some major changes. That´s at least a great argument for negotiations to lower the buying price!

Don´t buy and then see – see, then buy! It pays!
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